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Local Clients

Joey will come to your home with a contractor or work directly with one you've hired. He will create a high-quality design based on your needs within 72 hours and come back with samples of doors and colors to show.

This service usually requires a $1,500 Design Fee Deposit prior to the project starting. The deposit is credited back to your cabinets when you order them through The Kitchen Guru. We will wave this fee if you are a referral from a previous client! 


Working with Designers

Joey will come to your project to take measurements before giving a high quality design tailored to your needs. The design will include options of several brands carried by The Kitchen Guru. The estimate will be delivered directly to you. A second estimate from a contractor can be provided as well.

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Working with Contractors

Joey will provide a professional presentation based on your measurements within 72 hours. The Kitchen Guru has several cabinet lines and can work with your customer directly, or can communicate through you. We will come and check measurements before ordering for peace of mind and help you manage the project.

Carpenter at Work
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